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...and I believe in the transformative power of disruption.

Our Organizational Psychology & Change services are designed to help your organization thrive. We understand that change is difficult, which is why we focus on creating a person-first approach that puts your employees at the center of the transformation process. Our goal is to help your organization operate more efficiently, increase employee morale, and promote overall organizational wellness. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization embrace change and achieve success.


Below are select offerings of what I can bring to you and your organization



Keynote • Workshop
The path forward...never back.

Before earning my Fellowship, before becoming published, and before appearing in USA Today, Huffington Post, and various other international outlets, I was a high school dropout.

Disruption often interferes with our original plans. Often returning initial feelings of disappointment, shame and maybe guilt. With a shift in mindset and intentional practice however, what might initially appear to be a pain point can become your biggest asset in Leadership. 

Now with my Master's and research in Organizational Behavior and Learning, and as a certified Change Management Practitioner and Trainer, I can support people and organizations with strategic plans to translate disruption to opportunity. 


Organizational Change is Collective Individual Change

Change can be difficult. Yet on the journey, we learn the critical skills of resilience, grit, and perspective. 

With guidance from Prosci and Kubler-Ross, we consult the past while ideating about the future. We trade reaction for strategic resiliency, reducing time to implementation up to 50% (Prosci, 2020). 

Yesterday will never be tomorrow... Instead of focusing all your efforts on returning to "what was," I guide participants ideate on "what can be," focusing on the needs of today and getting creative about solutions for tomorrow.  



Speaker • Change Enthusiast • Advocate

Featured in USA Today, Huffington Post, NPR, KNKX, Seattle Times, and the 2020 Cannes' Jury Award Winning Film "Unconverting."

Danny began his career speaking about his personal journey with disruption in conversion therapy, specifically focusing on the resilient qualities that allowed him to transform his life from high school dropout to published author, professional public speaker and keynote. Danny also used his voice to support the efforts in Washington State to ban harmful Sexual Orientation Change Efforts from 2013 - 2018. 

Danny now holds a Masters in Education and Organizational Behavior, is a Newman Civic Fellow, and certified Change Practitioner and Trainer. 



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